The innovative INTERLINK project will improve information management and interoperability for Europe’s National Roads Authorities.

Royal HaskoningDHV is an integral member of the INTERLINK project consortium, commissioned by the Conference of European Directors of Roads (CEDR).

By being involved with transformative digital innovation projects like INTERLINK, Royal HaskoningDHV is at the European forefront of driving the engineering solutions of tomorrow.

This two year project, which started in September 2016, aims to research information management during the delivery and operation of road infrastructure projects across Europe, by engaging with the National Roads Authorities of the 26 European members of CEDR, as well as industry representatives including contractors, academics, consultants and software developers.

The proposed solution will use the cutting-edge capabilities of linked data for a proposed European Road Object-Type Library (OTL).

The INTERLINK consortium builds the European Road OTL initiative on three pillars:

  • The technical specification of the European Road OTL and the connections with existing BIM standards;
  • The design of a standardisation body and a plan for its development beyond this project; and
  • Acceptance in Practice by the industry through engagement and dissemination.

Initial findings were published in a report entitled “Information Management for European Road Infrastructure using Linked Data, Investigating the Requirements”.

EU-OTL Three Pillars structure | Royal HaskoningDHV

Object-Type Library for life cycle road asset information management

Next stages of the project

The next stage mid 2018 is to use the information from the report to develop a proof-of-concept European Road OTL to describe assets using a standard language, which will be tested on existing road information systems.

The proof-of-concept European Road OTL is being thoroughly tested via three trial cases in Germany, Sweden and the Netherlands. This will demonstrate data transfers representing typical processes during the life cycle of an asset.

Using this information, a road map will then be delivered for development of the Road OTL from document based to object based road information management based on the European Road OTL open standard using linked data.

Daan Alsem, Senior Project Manager for Royal HaskoningDHV, said: “We are pioneering this pan-European initiative to get the best road Object-Type Library for each National Roads Authority. The benefits of this will be better operations, sharing of asset management and project management, combining the strengths of currently applied BIM standards with linked data technology.

“The two year project is due to end in autumn 2018 and will transform the way the asset management information of road infrastructure is shared. We are very pleased to be playing a key role in this process allowing us to show Royal HaskoningDHV’s expertise in innovative thinking and collaborative ways of working with the many project partners involved across the continent.”

Further information is available at the official INTERLINK website.

Interlink logo | Royal HaskoningDHV


Daan Alsem

Senior Project Manager Infrastructure & BIM information management

Nijmegen, NL

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