The Dutch Directorate-General for Public Works and Water Management, Rijkswaterstaat (RWS) works for their asset management of the Dutch high-way roads and waterways with a diverse group of stakeholders including asset management, architecture, engineering and construction (AEC-industry) to support the delivery of infrastructure projects and programmes across the Netherlands.

Improved interoperability and collaboration in Rijkswaterstaat with Asset Information Management | Royal HaskoningDHV

Image: Reading and writing asset inspection data using the OTL via Linked Data / Semantic Web

Online collaboration and improved interoperability

In the drive to enable higher levels of online collaboration and improved interoperability across the value chain, Rijkswaterstaat has advanced the use of the Object Type Library (OTL) as a standardised base for their asset management for use in infrastructure projects. The OTL covers all the asset data involved and describes the asset objects according to standardised specifications across the entire lifecycle of the project.

Enhancing existing models

Rijkswaterstaat started by using an OTL that covered all the asset data involved in their projects to achieve improved operations, better cost optimisation and reduced risk. Construct- and Maintain-Contractors delivered this digital data to the Rijkswaterstaat Asset Information Management system according to these OTL specifications.

The OTL is now being renewed and updated using Linked Data / Semantic Web technology to deliver improved interoperability for asset data exchange and data sharing. This will help to standardize the platform and increase usage of OTL amongst internal Rijkswaterstaat staff and the wider supplier network (AEC).

Achieving intelligent, simplified, and focussed online sharing

Royal HaskoningDHV was one of the pioneers driving the European OTL development for European Public Road Asset management organisations via INTERLINK which was commissioned by the Conference of European Directors of Roads (CEDR) from 2016 to 2018.

To accelerate the adoption of digitalisation which is key to improve planning and delivery of Dutch infrastructure programmes, we have deployed new insights and findings gathered from the INTERLINK project and developed an OTL-framework for Rijkswaterstaat using Linked Data and Semantic Web technology. This important next step in the development of the OTL enables a more intelligent, simplified and focussed online sharing of asset data, which maximises successful online collaboration to accelerate project delivery.

Rijkswaterstaat, supported by our asset information management experts, is now implementing this next phase in the adoption of the standardised Rijkswaterstaat OTL by the AEC-industry. By doing this, we are improving interoperability, as well as investing into our future for greater collaboration within the national and pan-European AEC industry.

Together with Rijkswaterstaat, we are driving the engineering solutions of tomorrow by spearheading advancements in using Linked Data platforms and asset information management to ensure effective and timely delivery of our infrastructure priorities.