A solution we developed for the replacement and modernisation of a factory and warehouse in South Africa has provided a blueprint for our client’s projects all over the world.

Solution offers flexibility within the factory

The factory, which produces food ingredients for manufacturers, has been designed as a ‘box within a box’. The warehouse and production facility sits within the main ‘box’ and is divided into individual production areas housed within their own ‘boxes’. What makes the solution so successful is the flexibility it provides, enabling process lines to be changed or expanded without impacting the rest of the operations. This process design created for the new South African plant is now being used as a template for expansion projects in countries from Indonesia to Australia.

Project combines international expertise with local insight

The conceptual design was developed by our team in Indonesia drawing on their in-depth knowledge of our client’s process configuration and material flow. Our local team in South Africa worked collaboratively with our client on the detailed design, optimising it for local conditions. This included introducing energy reduction measures, such as a heat recovery system, to help reduce operating costs.