By using our conceptual design services together with a local design and build contractor for a new distribution centre in Russia, a packaged consumer goods manufacturer achieved a best-value solution which saved months in realisation time.

Experience ensures optimal design concept

Our client needed a distribution centre for household and baby products manufactured in their nearby factory as well as for products from other facilities in the area. Our experience in designing such distribution centres and our local contacts led them to approach us for assistance. We undertook the conceptual design in the Netherlands and our best value option analysis indicated a design and build strategy was the best solution in terms of time, cost and quality and we selected a local contractor on behalf of our client.

Solution saves up to four months from construction times

"What was special about this solution was that the design and build based on our conceptual design made the best use of our conceptual capabilities, drawing on our experience from other warehouse projects," said Ivar Woudenberg, Associate Director – Project Management and Consultancy Multinationals. "Then the design and build contract improved risk management and saved up to four months in the realisation process. The early involvement of the contractor enabled them to have input into the design, avoid delays over permitting and start early construction works, in order to have the building closed before winter." The project has been executed in line with milestones, generating high levels of client satisfaction.