Detailed understanding of all aspects of production at our client’s plant in Indonesia enabled us to create a plan for upgrading and extending the facility which enabled operations to continue throughout the work. Our client, a global producer of major skin care brands, needed to refurbish their 30-year old factory which was operating at full capacity. To support their growth ambitions in South East Asia, they decided to extend the factory at the same time.

Work impacts all areas of operations including utilities

We were awarded the conceptual design on the basis of our approach and how we intended to solve the technical issues. It was crucial to maintain production while undertaking the renovation and extension which affected all areas of the operation.

As well as upgrading and extending the production area, the project included extension and reorganisation of the warehouse, replacement of the electrical system and upgrade for waste water treatment. The decision to re-use and re-furbish the existing structure rather than start from scratch saved time and avoided impact on production capabilities.

Detailed logistical engineering and teamwork were key factors for success

"To plan the work, we used an approach which is similar to process engineering and encompasses logistics, ”explained Wybe de Jager, Technical Director, Buildings and Industry South East Asia. "As a team effort with experts in Germany and Indonesia, we worked out the flows of people, products and waste in great detail and explored all the alternatives before reaching a solution. The result, achieved as a joint collaboration with our client, enabled production to continue during the work and has resulted in a more efficient process at the refurbished plant."