When WML developed a new modular water process, it needed a building that would support the internal process and which could be re-sized in line with changing demand.Flexibility required to meet changes in production volumes

WML is a water company which supplies the southernmost province in the Netherlands. It had developed a new approach to the water process. Instead of individual functions happening in separate buildings, the entire process takes place in a single module from which pure drinking water emerges. The benefit is that it can be scaled up or down to align with future production needs.

Our Building Technology team was contracted to design the building to house this new process. Close coordination with our water process engineers ensured our client could rely on a building which supported and structured the process, while incorporating the flexibility needed to respond to changes in production requirements.

Building optimised for the process

“Every element of the building supports the process. The design ensures process elements are structured and assembled in the right place and that the pipework is well organised. It is through our understanding of the process that we are able to create a design in which building and process work together,” said Jurgen Boonstra, Royal HaskoningDHV architect.

The building includes façades and a roof which can be removed to provide the required flexibility. In addition the building incorporates inspection areas for viewing the module from various angles and heights.