Assessi is a new technology enabling industrial companies to automate assessments of their sites and equipment, saving time and money and supporting better decisions. Increasing amounts of data about manufacturing plants and assets are being created by digital technologies. However, for manufacturing companies with hundreds of sites and thousands of assets, this data can present a problem in itself. Many companies have asked us how they can collect this data more quickly and easily and how to ensure the data is relevant.

To solve the problem we developed Assessi. It automates site assessments so companies can easily identify areas for improvement. It can also be used to assess the condition of assets, capex needs or provide technical due diligence in the merger and acquisition process. The assessments can be carried out in-house by the company’s own workforce, minimising travel and consultancy costs.

The solution reduces costs compared with traditional methods by up to 60%. It is quicker and more accurate, limiting the possibility of human error. More accurate and accessible data enables companies to make better decisions, particularly when applied in the capex allocation process.