• Take Back Chemicals

The challenge

Sustainable industrial production is increasingly important in today’s world. Introducing innovative business models to encourage waste-free production and improve production and consumption patterns is an effective way to increase sustainability in goods and services.

The solution

In the Take Back Chemicals service based business model a chemicals supplier is paid for the function of a substance rather than the quantity. This aligns the economic interests of supplier and user, reducing the amount of substance used while optimising the effect. This cooperation and related price setting differentiates Take Back Chemicals from simple forward integration or outsourcing and encourages development and operation of new production processes.


Take Back Chemicals is designed for fully controlled substances. The main field of use is on non-core user activity, such as cleaning, coating, pretreatment of materials or water and chemical purification. Cooperation and knowledge sharing between the stakeholders within the supply chain, including developers of operational equipment, waste and recycling companies and consultants, are crucial for the success of implementation.

The outcome

Take Back Chemicals delivers a win-win-win situation for the supplier, user and environment. The supplier gains in depth knowledge of customer needs and can valorise its knowledge and expertise as a service. The user gains a more efficient production process with eventually a higher quality standard and the advantage of relief from regulatory tasks such as the REACH Regulations, waste handling legislation and permitting. The increased efficiency in chemical use and reduction of waste production benefit the environment.

Take Back Chemicals Scan

To have an insight in the feasibility of the implementation of the Take Back Chemicals concept, a first screening on the production process is needed.  In the overall process, a part of the process must be identified which allow the implementation of the concept. To guide you through this process of identification of the parts of interest of your process, a Take Back Chemicals scan is developed.


Royal HaskoningDHV co-developed with partners Essenscia, A-Worx, Solvay, Tessenderlo Chemie and Janssen Pharmaceutica the techno-environmental, legal and economical framework of the Take Back Chemicals concept in Belgium. 

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