19 mei 2020

Published by Power FM Power Podcasts: Now We Are Talking / Spokesperson: Bongani Dladla- Director: Water Advisory Group, South Africa

“As a country, we don’t have money to invest in capex infrastructure. We should be optimising existing infrastructure as a starting point – doing proper asset management so that we reduce the burden on the fiscus for additional infrastructure.”

So says Bongani Dladla, Director: Water Advisory Group, South Africa, in Power FM’s Now We’re Talking podcast.

After the outbreak of COVID-19, the South African government triggered a massive water distribution effort, to get clean water to under-served areas. Using tankers and tanks, the system has proved to be an effective solution until budget frees up for new infrastructure.

Until then, Dladla says we need to optimise the water distribution system using data and AI to predict water supply and demand, reduce logistics costs, and get clean water to more people, as a basic defence against Coronavirus.

“I would not hesitate, for a moment, to say [South Africa is] definitely ready and we should actually be leading the world in this. We have the human capital. We definitely have problems to solve. We just need to put in the right investment to sure ensure we utilise the raw talent of our people.”

Listen to the 15-minute podcast here.