9 feb 2018

Royal HaskoningDHV is part of the trade delegation that visits Vietnam on 5 to 7 February 2018 with Dutch Minister for Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation Sigrid Kaag. Royal HaskoningDHV joined the mission with a focus to further strengthen the relationships in water, maritime and aviation. The mission follows the visit by Vietnamese Prime Minister Phuc to the Netherlands earlier last year.

During the trade mission, Royal HaskoningDHV took part in the economic cooperation programme of Partners for International Business Vietnam “Vietnam-Netherlands Waterborne Partnership”. NACO (Netherlands Airport Consultants), a company of Royal HaskoningDHV, as the cluster leader of the ongoing Dutch Aviation Vietnam, hosted the Second Netherlands Civil Aviation Forum.

Dutch-Vietnamese Partnership on Inland Waterway Transport and Port Development

Being delta countries, both Vietnam and the Netherlands have many things in common. Vietnam is covered with a dense network of seaports, inland ports and navigable waterways, with a still largely untapped potential. The Netherlands is one of the guiding countries in European inland waterway transport and port development. Bringing together experiences in both countries in this field will enhance the development of a sustainable and viable multi-modal transport system, and contribute to closer economic ties and cooperation.

The Partners for International Business Programme Vietnam – Netherlands Waterborne Partnership (PIB VINWAP) is a joint government programme with a focus on the development of an inland waterway corridor as a multimodal transport network for sustainable economic growth. Royal HaskoningDHV plays an active part in this programme and will further support in bringing in Maritime & Waterways expertise and experiences in the transfer of know-how and capacity building.

As part of the partnership, the Inland Waterway Transport and Port Development Forum is organised on 6 February in Hanoi to address the logistics infrastructure requirements. Joost Lansen, Royal HaskoningDHV’s Senior Project Manager, presents two topics to the audience; “Governance Concept Dutch Inland Navigation Information Agency” and “Greening of the Fleet”. At the end of the Forum an MOU was signed between the Dutch and the Vietnamese parties on Maritime Transport, Sea-Ports and Inland Navigation Cooperation.

Joost Lansen, Royal HaskoningDHV Senior Project Manager, presented two maritime topics during the Inland Waterway Transport and Port Development Forum | Royal HaskoningDHV

Joost Lansen, Royal HaskoningDHV Senior Project Manager, presented two maritime topics during the Inland Waterway Transport and Port Development

“Vietnam is well positioned as the regional trading hub in Asia and the government has declared the maritime sector as one of its priorities. Royal HaskoningDHV’s participation in PIB VINWAP strengthens our commitment not only in the Vietnamese maritime sector, but also in South East Asia and beyond, as our team has been involved in various projects in the Asia Pacific and in other regions, demonstrating our leading maritime engineering capabilities,” said Bas van Dijk, Royal HaskoningDHV Vietnam Resident Director and Maritime Director.

Second Dutch Aviation Forum

NACO, as the cluster leader in the joint Dutch-Vietnamese government programme Dutch Aviation Vietnam (DAV) for cooperation on aviation and airport development in Vietnam, organised the Second Netherlands Civil Aviation Forum forum on 6 February in Hanoi.

Kjell Kloosterziel, NACO Director, presented Airport City  and transportation value chains | Royal HaskoningDHV

Kjell Kloosterziel, NACO Director, presented Airport City and transportation value chains.

DAV started in October 2016 and NACO together with the experts from the Netherlands Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment, is in charge in organising the dedicated transfer of know-how and capacity building for Civil Aviation Authority of Vietnam, Vietnam Air Traffic Management, Vietnamese airlines, MRO and pilot training providers.

The second Dutch Aviation Forum is focused on Airport City Concept & PPP in Vietnam and highlighted topics such as current restructuring and upgrading plans Vietnam airports and ATM infrastructure and the role of an Airport City in Vietnam’s next stage of economic growth. NACO Director, Kjell Kloosterziel, presented the concept and case studies of Airport City implementation.

“Expanding the airport capacity in Vietnam is essential to support the increasing demand for air travel as well as securing better regional and global connectivity for Vietnamese goods and services. We are proud that the Vietnamese government recognizes our collective experience in integral airport development, public-private cooperation and stakeholder management and we are looking forward to working with our Vietnamese partners,“ said Kjell Kloosterziel.

Addressing Ho Chi Minh City’s Water Challenges

Ho Chi Minh City faces many challenges with regard to adapting to a changing climate. The city is densely populated and is frequently flooded due to heavy rainfall and its low position in the Delta. Problems and risks for the inhabitants are likely to increase due to sea level rise and higher river discharges. At the same time, the population and economy of Ho Chi Minh City are growing rapidly. The city is expanding, also towards the sea.

On 7 February, Bas van Dijk, Joost Lansen and Duy Truong, Royal HaskoningDHV Vietnam Water Business Development Manager, joined a boat trip in Ho Chi Minh City with Minister Kaag and Hans de Boer, President of VNO-NCW to see the two high-level water projects that are targeted to solve the city’s water challenges; Kênh Tẻ - Drainage Canal and HCMC Flood Protection System. During the boat trip, Royal HaskoningDHV shareFd some of the projects where the team are involved in protecting HCMC from sinking, namely in the Mekong Delta Plan and the HCMC Flood Inundation Management Project.

“In addition to our maritime expertise, we continue to support Ho Chi Minh City with its water challenges, such as flooding issues caused by climate change, sea level rise and land subsidence - as well as with water management such as waste water and sanitation issues. Through our international expertise, we believe we are a strong partner for the city to tackle these major challenges in the years to come,” Bas added.

Royal HaskoningDHV Vietnam

Royal HaskoningDHV Vietnam established offices in 1985 when it was appointed by the World Bank/UNDP to undertake the emergency rehabilitation of a sea dyke destroyed by a typhoon. Since then, Royal HaskoningDHV Vietnam has developed into a strong local market player and a strategic hub for Royal HaskoningDHV operation in South East Asia.