8 mei 2018

Paper and pulp manufacturer Sappi has selected Nereda® technology to treat its wastewater. Royal HaskoningDHV has already installed several Nereda plants within the food industry and carried out pilot studies within, among others, the chemical and petrochemical industries.

Sappi Lanaken is currently undertaking a review of its production process to improve its sustainability. Because other raw materials will be used in future, the load on the wastewater treatment will increase by a factor or two to three. Following a successful pilot study, Sappi has opted for a Nereda installation to handle this increase. Due to its compact size, the Nereda installation will be realised by converting existing tanks, which are currently being used as an anaerobic wastewater treatment plant, into Nereda reactors. As pre-treatment, the wastewater will be treated in a new anaerobic installation. Sappi is expected to put the Nereda installation into operation in October 2018.


René Noppeney

Global Director Water Products & Innovation

Nijmegen, NL

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