30 aug 2019

Royal HaskoningDHV has partnered with the North West Provincial Government, in South Africa, to provide a cloud-based, intelligent Road Asset Management System that will enable smart optimisation of the Province’s 19 783-kilometre road network.

The system’s ability to rapidly analyse data will give decision-makers access to real-time road network information, allowing them to prioritise spending of the road maintenance budget.

Effective channelling of road infrastructure development funding is a primary focus of the South African Government’s and is essential for the success of private companies in the province, particularly those in the mining and tourism sectors.

The North West road network creates economic links to other provinces, as well as to neighbouring countries, Botswana and Namibia. As one of South Africa’s biggest suppliers of agricultural produce, and home to the largest abattoir in Africa, it’s critical that the Province’s existing road infrastructure is well-managed. In line with this, it continues to upgrade and surface roads to meet community demands.

“In the face of budget constraints and pressure to achieve more with less, having a holistic overview of what you are working with is essential,” says Gideon Treurnich, Leading Professional at Royal HaskoningDHV South Africa.

“The more extensive a road network is, the bigger the impact of small inaccuracies on budget allocation. It’s important to understand, for example, what maintenance will cost over the lifecycle of a road, and how those costs will impact annual budgets. An intelligent Road Asset Management System allows you to see that level of detail and plan accordingly.”

Royal HaskoningDHV’s ZA-RAMS Road Asset Management System allows field data to be captured electronically and uploaded into the cloud-based platform. Here, the data is analysed and processed according to government and industry standards and prescriptions. The system then generates information, like a depiction of road network conditions per road class or geographic area, lifecycle cost analysis, maintenance regimes, and budget requirements per financial year. This information is displayed on a user-friendly and user-configurable front-end dashboard, which is accessible on desktop and mobile devices.

ZA-RAMS has already been implemented for multiple District Municipality road networks in South Africa.