29 okt 2019

Airport capacity is a complex and challenging topic with multiple stakeholders holding various perspectives. From airport and airline managers through to policy makers and regulatory body representatives, practitioners in the civil aviation sector must balance the interests of clients and other stakeholders while managing the airport infrastructure efficiently and profitably. But just how do you achieve this effectively?

The course will address this and other related questions by explaining and illustrating multi-disciplinary approaches to airport infrastructure management and development, functional airport design (airside, terminal, and landside) and financial-economic performance.

Led by seasoned experts from NACO, the course will include:

Day 1: Demand

  • The airport “market place”
  • Forecasting air travel demand

Day 2: Supply

  • Airport Business and operational models
  • Introduction to strategic masterplanning

Day 3: Customer Centricity

  • Operational and economic aspects of terminal design
  • Airport Commerce and digital transformation

For further information, please contact the Aviation Academy Program Director, Inna Ratieva at/on:

Email: [email protected]