23 aug 2018

Our colleagues Jaap Strik and Alexander Adita Wibowo, both structural engineers, have travelled to earthquake damaged Lombok to support charity Peduli Anak whose housing facilities for street children are severely damaged. Royal HaskoningDHV is providing support to help the organisation rebuild and give these children a better future.

End of July and early August a destructive foreshock and the strongest earthquake in recorded history struck the island of Lombok, Indonesia. Widespread damage was reported. Officials stated that at least 80% of structure in North Lombok were either damaged or destroyed and 400 people were confirmed killed, while more than 1,000 were confirmed injured.

Our colleagues Jaap Strik and Alexander Adita Wibowo, both working in our Jakarta office as structural engineers, were quick to accept a request for support.They travelled to Lombok to support Peduli Anak, an NGO for approx. 100 street children and found their housing facilities were severely damaged. Jaap Strik: “Peduli Anak’s request for help to assess the current situation and support with the rebuilding clearly matches our design and construction expertise and we didn’t hesitate to respond.”

Destroyed building | Royal HaskoningDHV

Rebuilding sustainably

Jaap and Alex went to the site to assess the damage of the existing buildings and to advise on which structures could be reused after repairs and which were to be demolished because they were unsafe to be further used. They furthermore drew up a plan how Royal HaskoningDHV can help rebuilding the facility. With our expert assessment and international reputation, Peduli Anak gains leverage for their search for rebuilding funding and their insurance claim. Their aim is not just to rebuild, but to reconstruct the housing facilities swiftly, sustainably, economically attractive and seismically safe – all to provide a safe home for the street children. Jaap Strik: “This is what defines the organisation, they strive for the best for their children by maintaining their high-quality standards and we gladly support that. Alex: "It is such an extraordinary experience for me to be able to contribute to this program where I can apply my skills that I have learned so far to help others in real life."

Enhancing Society Together

Royal HaskoningDHV offers knowledge for structural seismic design, cost estimation and supervision during construction, to help this organisation and give these children a better future. Tim Jeanné, Resident Director Indonesia: “We are happy to put our promise of Enhancing Society Together into practice by making our expertise available.”