8 dec 2017

Barry Oliver, UK Sales Manager for Nereda technology shares his thoughts on the introduction of Nereda into the UK market.

This year we’ve secured seven Nereda projects in the UK and we’re on track to achieve 10. How have we achieved this? In summary, it’s great technology. But, we’ve also listened to our potential clients, focused on a clear strategy, worked as a team and fine-tuned our delivery route.

The future of sustainable wastewater treatment

Nereda® technology is a game changer. We believe it’s now being increasingly recognised as the future in sustainable wastewater treatment. The UK water market is highly regulated and consistently invests to provide improved service, looking for innovation to provide both customer and environmental benefits. In the early years, with few plants in operation the strategy to develop Nereda included pilot plant studies by early adopters including Scottish Water and United Utilities.

UK water companies wanted something different

Our usual strategy is to deliver Nereda technology in different territories through strong licensees who know their market. We did initially pursue this approach in the UK but have adapted our strategy to reflect the market demands.

When we discussed our usual approach with the interested water companies, they wanted something different. They wanted a strong, long-term relationship with the technology provider, us. Our strategy has therefore been to build on our good relationships with key ‘early adopter’ water companies, focus solely on Nereda technology, get to know their investment plans, strategy, delivery processes and framework partners. We’ve looked to build key relationships with strategy and innovation managers and the clients’ technical teams.

Learning as we go along

What’s gone well? We haven’t made promises we can’t deliver, we’ve developed a ‘new to the UK’ delivery process, from initial feasibility and outline design, through to agreed professional service contracts for specialist engineering and technology services with detailed design and construction by framework partners. Along the way, we’ve developed training packages for improved engagement with contract partners and clients, and an improved End User License and Operational Support Services.

What’s in store?

Going forward, we recognise the need to strengthen our team with more business development, sales and operational capability to meet the increased demand. We now have the opportunity to build on the interest in Nereda technology, introduce other technologies like our smart Aquasuite® software solutions, support future business planning (PR19) and explore industrial opportunities.


René Noppeney

Global Director Water Products & Innovation

Nijmegen, NL

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