5 dec 2017

We are delighted to have been included in Water Industry Operators Association (WIOA) of Australia’s recent newsletter following a visit to Australia’s first Nereda Wastewater Treatment Plant.

Operators from other water and wastewater municipal authorities within Queensland visited the new Kingaroy WWTP and its state of the art Nereda plant on a WIOA interest day and tour. The event was supported by South Burnett Regional Council and Nereda licencee, Aquatec Maxcon, who also provided the refreshments and a ‘ripper’ bar-b-que lunch.

Bill Collie, Queensland Urban Utilities commented: “The Kingaroy WWTP has become a showpiece within the wastewater Industry. Although this technology is different from standard industry practices, it is maintaining high standards for our communities and environment. The day was a fantastic demonstration of the changing of the guard in how technology is advancing the wastewater industry. This was evidenced by the commitment of the plant operator Andy Watson and matched by the enthusiasm and support of the Aquatec Maxcon engineers who have watched the Nereda process evolve and exceed all expectations.”

The investment in the Nereda technology is the largest ever made by the South Burnett Regional Council. Nereda is an innovative advanced biological wastewater treatment technology that purifies water using the unique features of aerobic granular biomass. Unlike conventional processes, the purifying bacteria concentrates naturally in compact granules, with excellent settling properties, as a result of the large variety of biological processes that simultaneously take place in the granular biomass.


René Noppeney

Global Director Water Products & Innovation

Nijmegen, NL

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