18 mei 2021

The world is digitising and society requires speed, clear organisation and transparency. Due to COVID-19, the need further increased to support citizens’ engagement in complex projects and active decision-making initiatives in a digital way.

IAIA, the leading global network on best practice in the use of impact assessment for informed decision making regarding policies, programs, plans and projects – will help address how we can make best use of innovation to convey these pressing global and local challenges.

Smartening Impact Assessment in Challenging Times

We are frontrunners in digital interactive environmental impact report (EIR), making reporting more transparent, concise and accessible. You can meet our experts at the IAIA21 virtual event on 18-21 May for interesting discussions on Smartening Impact Assessment in Challenging Times.

e-Participation tool in the interactive EIR

You will learn more about the latest developments in digital reporting and EIR to present complex information in an interactive and user-friendly way to your stakeholders. Via the e-Participation tool in the interactive EIR, visitors can be asked to leave comments in the report, so the project team is in close contact with their client, residents, or any other group of stakeholders. Thanks to visualisations, tables, 360-degree images and animations and more, you can show a project's potential impact on the environment in an easy-to-understand way. Digital accessibility is optimized for iReport. This is beneficial for people with less quality of sight or any other restrictions in consuming information. Therefore, this interactive EIR (iReport) enables you to improve the quality and efficiency of the decision-making process concerning multi-stakeholder projects.

Meet us at our (premier) booth or during the following presentations:

  • 20 May, 13.00‐14.30 hrs. CET: Is digital technology necessary for efficiency and effectiveness? (Theme Forum)
  • 20 May, 16:00 hrs. CET: Digital impact assessment: The latest developments

Curious about how to enhance your EIR?

Feel free to reach out to Paul Eijssen, our strategic advisor on EIR and developer of the interactive EIR, at IAIA21 or via -e-mail.

Visit the IAIA21 website to register or find out more.


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