7 okt 2019

Main author: Nick Vermeulen. Other authors: Johan Pruisken and Jos Siemons

Our world is in transition. Faced with the challenges created by scarcity of resources, climate change, urban redevelopment, and more, there is a desperate need for creative ideas and new ways of thinking.

With this paper, we hope to create a brief and overarching view of the disruptive innovation topic and we aim to support incumbent firms to understand what organisational capabilities can alter or rejuvenate their business models to cope with potentially disruptive innovations.

Innovation is integral to every business, including our own. We recognise its importance in everything we do. Innovation helps businesses thrive through renewing and adapting products, services business models and processes.

What are your thoughts?

  • Do you recognise the trends, best practices and responses of incumbents to disruptive innovations?
  • Do you want to develop innovative solutions and gain fresh insights?
  • Are you using digital technologies to transform your operations, anticipating the challenges that the world is facing?

We are happy to meet and bring together the domain knowledge of our experts with your team. Collaboratively we can identify your business challenges, explore the barriers to change or adaptation, and offer effective advice.

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