26 jun 2019

The company has been selected as a finalist in the 'Roads Visionary' category for its award-winning Flowtack solution - one example of how Royal HaskoningDHV is using technology to create impact through co-creation and innovation while keeping the end user at the heart.

Collating and analysing traffic data in real-time, Flowtack forecasts and optimises traffic flows at a network level, providing greater control to keep cities moving. As the world’s most sophisticated traffic management system, it is already proven to reduce the number of vehicles having to stop at junctions by 40%, which is in turn reducing CO2 emissions by between 7-13% and nitrogen oxide by over 10%.

The cloud-based software continuously matches supply and demand using data from inductive loop detectors in the road, as well as apps and cars with satellite navigation. Using this data, Flowtack assess conditions and controls traffic lights at the network level so that traffic optimally flows through each junction, as well as throughout the city as a whole.

Frank Legters, Director Business Unit Transport & Planning Europe at Royal HaskoningDHV commented: "With the UK’s traffic forecast to grow by up to 51% by 2050 (Department for Transport), city councils and transport authorities across the country face the challenge of keeping our cities accessible and traffic moving without impacting the environment. Many roads and intersections are already at the limit of their capacity, so improving traffic flow is a priority to improve accessibility, safety and air quality. Flowtack is able to manage different areas with a different strategy.

"Flowtack proactively takes control, meaning that cities can potentially reduce the need to expand or build new roads. It’s already seen great success in the Netherlands and we are in the process of applying it to the UK in collaboration with a number of partners. We are delighted to be shortlisted for this award to help promote the potential of this innovative solution further."

The awards form part of the NCE TechFest event, aimed at addressing the industry’s biggest technology challenges and stimulating opportunities for innovation. The event takes place in September, featuring an agenda of presentations and an exhibition.