7 dec 2020

The challenge

Water shortage is rapidly becoming a problem, even in the Netherlands. Currently, several technologies are available to reclaim clean water from wastewater and reuse this. What remains is a new stream, containing all the residual components. Further treatment of this salt containing residual stream (brine) is costly and is hampering the business case for many applications.

We are looking for fresh ideas, technologies and applications to cope with the saline stream that remains after water reclamation from raw sewage containing for example:

Chemical Oxygen Demand 600 – 750 mg/L,
Biological Oxygen Demand 250 mg/L,
Kjeldahl Nitrogen 50 mg/L,
Total Phosphorus 10 mg/L and of course suspended solids, heavy metals, pathogens etc.

The aim is to increase the value of the respective salts, reclaim and apply them.

Please listen to our podcast and visit the website to request further information and submit your idea!

What is in it for you?

  • Support in setting up the business case for new concepts
  • Introduction in new market
  • Create stronger products by combining the new solution with existing solutions
  • Interesting network of cooperation partners, water authorities and municipalities, which can also be used to spread the concept further if it is demonstrably effective.