6 nov 2017

Royal HaskoningDHV's Flowtack innovation received an award on Friday, 3 November: The Vernufteling Award went to Flowtack, the digital solution for optimal traffic flow. According to the jury, Flowtack is outstanding in 'good use of computer power and big data and shows what potential this has to improve the living environment'.


Flowtack received the annual Vernufteling Award during the centenary celebrations of NLingenieurs. The jury on Flowtack: future-oriented, combines knowledge of traffic models with real-time available data and has great development potential. Patrick Egberink, senior advisor Smart Mobility at Royal HaskoningDHV: "Winning this award is a wonderful acknowledgement of our innovative strength. Flowtack was developed within the Talking Traffic partnership. Deventer was the first Dutch municipality to implement Flowtack in January 2018.’ The Vernufteling is the annual award for the most innovative (ingenious) project by an engineering firm.

Van links naar rechts: Bart Humblet, Klaas Jan op den Kelder, Patrick Egberink, Gert Hut en Hans Wolfrat - het Royal HaskoningDHV Flowtack team | Royal HaskoningDHV

From left to right: Bart Humblet, Klaas Jan op den Kelder, Patrick Egberink, Gert Hut and Hans Wolfrat - the Royal HaskoningDHV Flowtack team


Flowtack is a 'smart' digital traffic management system with real-time information provision which promotes an optimal traffic flow. It continuously matches supply and demand so that traffic flows smoothly through each junction as well as throughout the city as a whole. The data can be aligned with municipal policy. This way road managers maintain control and they can assign priority to certain traffic flows and specific target groups, such as emergency services, freight traffic, cyclists or public transport. This digital innovation has a great impact on urban traffic: the city becomes cleaner, safer and more accessible.