24 jul 2017

A legacy project from the 2016 Olympic Games, held in Brazil, is celebrating its first anniversary. Deodoro WWTP, the largest Nereda plant built thus far worldwide, has been in operation for a year in Rio de Janeiro.

Effluent of the Nereda wastewater treatment plant in Deodoro, Rio the Janeiro. | Royal HaskoningDHV

Image: Effluent of the Nereda wastewater treatment plant in Deodoro, Rio the Janeiro.

Built by BRK Ambiental – Nereda licensee for Brazil and a shareholder of the plant’s end-user Foz Águas 5 – the new Deodoro plant treats the wastewater of 40% of the residents of the city’s heavily populated West Zone, with almost 10 times the capacity of the original treatment plant. Foz Águas 5 expects the new plant to dramatically reduce the untreated flow of domestic sewage directly discharged into local rivers and Guanabara Bay. In February 2017, the former wastewater plant was fully decommissioned and all incoming sewage to the plant since has been treated by the Nereda installation.

One year on from start-up, the Nereda plant has more than duplicated the treated flow, with an increase from 9,000m3/d (104 l/s) to approx. 25,000 m3/d (290 l/s), so much less sewage is now directly discharged into the rivers. Currently, two Nereda reactors are operating, with both demonstrating excellent performance. The plant is fully compliant with legal effluent quality requirements, BOD5<40mg/l and TSS<40 mg/l, and also is successfully removing nitrogen (TN<7 mg/l) and phosphorus (TP<1.5 mg/l). Foz Águas 5 is starting to monitor the quality of the water in the river to show the benefits of the current treatment and the positive impact on public health.

Ícaro Maltha, operations manager from Foz Águas 5, said, “Our operations team was very excited to be operating the first Nereda plant in Brazil. The Nereda reactors have been displaying stable operation and a very good performance, just as we were expecting. We are still improving our sewage network and going forward we expect to maintain the same good effluent quality we have now, but reaching daily flows of 750 l/s and ultimately of 1000 l/s.”

João Almeida from Nereda team, Royal HaskoningDHV, said, “With seven Nereda plants now operating, under construction or design in South America, we are delighted by the positive results being recorded at Deodoro a year after start-up. Nereda is the ideal sustainable and cost-effective solution for wastewater treatment and we are very proud that our technology is helping to enhance the lives and health of thousands of Rio de Janeiro’s residents. The Deodoro plant is a very good showcase of what the Nereda technology can do.”


René Noppeney

Global Director Water Products & Innovation

Nijmegen, NL

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