5 jul 2017

Tuesday 4 July Royal HaskoningDHV welcomed 9 start-ups in support of its strategic ambition to invest in innovation, digital and partnerships. At the ‘Let’s explore together’ start-up event Royal Haskoning experts and the start-ups connected and explored opportunities for future collaboration to boost this ambition.

Boaz Leupe, Co-founder Nerdalize: “This evening was really surprisingly good! There were Royal HaskoningDHV people from all levels, which made it really easy to communicate about value propositions, it was great!” 


Aim of the start-up event was to inspire start-ups and Royal HaskoningDHV experts and to explore together the possibilities of working together. The 9 participating start-ups (AquaSmartXLAtmosBirds-AICirculariseNerdalizeParkeagleScyferTweetonig and Warp) got exposed to projects and potential areas of application, and feedback on their ideas. Royal HaskoningDHV experts were given the opportunity to get acqainted with new, innovative technologies and perspectives and start-up thinking.

Daisy Rood, Corporate Director Digital Services: “I believe this evening is essential to create partnerships and to co-develop the portfolio for Royal HaskoningDHV.”

At the start of the event, all start-ups introduced themselves by a 1 minute pitch. During three rounds couples of start-ups and Royal HaskoningDHV experts got to know each other and explored opportunities for future collaboration. It was about serious business and also brought a lot of fun. We organised the event at our offices, which for the occasion was transformed into an inspiring and inviting meeting place. When a match for future opportunities between Royal HaskoningDHV experts and a start-up was found during a round, the team could release a balloon. At the end of the evening the ceiling was packed with balloons.

Dennis de Witte, Managing Director AquaSmartXL: “I hope that Royal HaskoningDHV will help us to develop a specific technologyies that we can use for business cases where we have a mutual interest, so that we can provide a solution that is also helping Royal HaskoningDHV in their business.”

The event was very successful, with:

  1. 26 agreements for follow up.
  2. A ticket to attend Royal HaskoningDHV’s autumn dinner party for Scyfer, because they were the first start-up with all balloons up.
  3. Nerdalize and Royal HaskoningDHV identified even 3 opportunities in 1 round.
  4. 2 more tickets to attend Royal HaskoningDHV’s autumn dinner party for the first 2 start-ups who close a commercial deal with Royal HaskoningDHV.

According to both the experts and the start-ups there was lots of positive energy and enthusiasm.

Wordcloud | Royal HaskoningDHV

When teaming up with start-ups Royal HaskoningDHV aims to spur a learning mindset and keep an open mind. Royal HaskoningDHV continues to open up to new ideas ensuring that solutions are innovative, and answer the challenges our clients face today and tomorrow. Anton van der Sanden, Business Line Director Transport & Planning: “We learn from successful start-ups that early involvement of customers and looking for opportunities to scale up, help to improve your product or idea!”