19 jun 2019

Published in: Column in Cement / Author: Erik Middelkoop

For decades structural engineers are increasingly working with digital tools. Working with 3D-modelling software amongst other software packages has become standard in most companies. We got where we are today with incremental development, but now there are some significant steps to make.

Working with multiple software packages within one project is inevitable. But the data is hidden within these software packages and needs to be combined to give the engineer the full picture. In the old days you waited as long as possible with a 3D-model to prevent high costs for design changes. Now you start making a parametric model right away and connect it to software to help the designer. 

How do engineers and structural designers feel about this digital revolution? Is it to be trusted or is the old way the best? Read why Erik Middelkoop is in favour of working with new technologies in his blog in magazine Cement.

 Digital strategy for structural engineers | Royal HaskoningDHV

Image: Design from the Shaded Dome in Groesbeek delivered by Shaded Dome Technologies