4 mrt 2021

Monitoring the data centre infrastructure is crucial for a smooth and efficient operation of both the IT and the infrastructure of the data centre. Monitoring can be done with a fully integrated software package / SaaS solution (DCIM) or with several separate tools. With the latter option, the user himself ensures that the data provided by the various monitoring tools is combined and presented. This can be done, for example, with the aid of a dashboard. 

In the recently organised expert session moderated by DatacenterWorks, our colleague Marco Wenzkowski, Associate director Brownfield of Mission Critical Facilities discussed online with other experts usefulness and necessity of monitoring in data centres. The latest insights of data centre monitoring were shared:

  • Challenges that data center managers try to solve;
  • The tooling that is used (DCIM-like tools or point solutions);
  • Manners to analyse data by monitoring tools. Marco Wenzkowski emphasized: “innovations such as Artificial Intelligence can assess whether installations have worked the last years in the way that was intended. Often the answer is no … and data shows energy can be saved, or temperature imbalances should be handled” (recording session, 23.25 min – 24.29 min);
  • Storage and management of the large amount of data;
  • The use of digital twins in which the physical environment of the data center is combined with a virtual (software built) model of the data center.

Click here if you’re interested in the complete session (in Dutch).