4 nov 2019

The AIWW2019 Leadership Programme will open up dialogue on key areas and global trends for redefinition, action and investment within three forums. The aim is to provide a platform for leaders to collaborate across sectors to share learnings, address challenges and realise opportunities. We look forward to sharing our experiences through three Roundtables as part of this programme:

Monday, 4 November: Resilient City Leaders Forum
10h00 – 11h30
RCLF Table 9: Vejle – Developing water sensitive futures
Theme: Integrated water and resource management
Moderator and Session Coordinator: Nanco Dolman, Leading Professional in Water Resilient Cities at Royal HaskoningDHV

Monday, 4 November: Industry Leaders Forum
10h00 – 11h30
ILF Table 3: Resilience and mitigation of supply chain interruptions to reduce risks
Theme: ICT & Data: artificial intelligence and smart roboticaModerator and Session Coordinator: Lennart Silvis, Global Director Water for Industry at Royal HaskoningDHV

Monday, 4 November: Utility Leaders Forum
10h00 – 11h30
ULF Table 4: Revolutionary developments on ICT, data, robotica, digital and smart solutions
Theme: ICT & Data: artificial intelligence and smart robotica
Moderator and Session Coordinator: Radboud van Kleef, Managing Director Aquasuite® at Royal HaskoningDHV

Our involvement in the AIWW Leadership Programme