27 sep 2017

Royal HaskoningDHV was asked by The Province of Zuid-Holland and the Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment of the Netherlands to develop a programme-based approach in collaboration with senior policy makers to create a robust transport network for the future to accelerate economic growth in Southwest Netherlands.

This region currently faces significant infrastructure challenges with attempts to counter expected increase in traffic congestion under immense strain due to limited available resources.

Furthermore, in order to achieve robust economic growth, this region has a reliance on traditional industry, such as agriculture and the chemical industry, that requires innovative and employment breakthroughs to be reinforced.

The prime focus for this rests on two important trajectories, namely the transport network between the ports of Antwerp and Rotterdam as well as the connectivity between the economic centres of Rotterdam and The Hague.

The Antwerp – Rotterdam Corridor is an important economic route and Royal HaskoningDHV was asked to conduct the corridor study to enable greater accessibility and improve transport connectivity in this corridor.

The CRA comprised in-depth analyses concerning the accessibility issue, a dialogue with regional public and private partners, and a strategic partnership agenda with a programme-based approach.

The iReport for Rotterdam-Antwerp Corridor Study

Information around this complex multi-stakeholder project was made more accessible through the use of the iReport, which enabled rapid collaboration between senior policy makers and its project partners.

Accelerating growth through improved accessibility in Southwest Netherlands | Royal HaskoningDHV

Complementing our strategic advisory, the iReport cuts through the complexity to guide decision makers through each and every step of the project, making sure that the information was accessible to all stakeholders involved in the process so as to facilitate the decision-making process.

Donald Broekhuizen, CRA Project Manager with the Province of Zuid-Holland: "It is important for us to engage with our stakeholders in the right way so we can work collaboratively on the challenges and opportunities to improve the quality of life and the accessibility of this special Delta region."

The interim results of this analysis will be covered at the BO MIRT (Administrative Consultation on the Long-term Infrastructure, Spatial and Transportation Programme) in the autumn of 2017.

Accessibility Programme between Rotterdam-The Hague

On behalf of the Ministry of infrastructure and the Environment and the Province of Zuid-Holland, Royal HaskoningDHV is also working to improve the accessibility within the Rotterdam – The Hague region.

Given that accessibility is closely linked to the behaviour of people, this programme will need to take on a broader view to accommodate new players along with an innovative and integrated approach.

Royal HaskoningDHV brings together the collaborative parties in the Southwest Netherlands to define a new way of programming and cooperating for the Rotterdam – The Hague Accessibility Programme Approach.

In both strategic network studies, Royal HaskoningDHV has guided the various parties in the programme-based analysis and preparation of a partnership agenda and programme plan. The results provide input for the new programming, partnering and financing of MIRT analyses and projects in the Southwest Netherlands.

Accelerating growth through improved accessibility in Southwest Netherlands | Royal HaskoningDHV