9 mrt 2020

With increasing changes to global temperatures on the rise, some hot and arid countries, such as Australia, struggle to make their water go further during the long summer months; for consumption as well as other recreational purposes.

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In 2016, Nereda technology made a big impact with its first Australian plant, located in Kingaroy, Queensland. The original Kingaroy wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) was outdated; both in its capacity handling and operational efficiency.

The old plant, built in the 1940’s, consisted of two primary settlement tanks, two biofilters, two humus tanks, a secondary clarifier, a chlorine contact tank, three lagoons and a final pond, with the purified effluent finally being expelled into the River Stuart. The site had been adjusted over the years to meet the demands of an increasing population, but an upgraded design was now needed to serve a population equivalent of 11,000.

All-star technology:

Nereda provided its innovative advanced biological wastewater treatment technology to the site, purifying Kingaroy’s water with better nutrient, bacteria, and pollutant removal and significantly improving the quality of effluent released from the plant, benefitting the local environment.

Unlike conventional processes, the purifying bacteria in the aerobic granular biomass concentrates naturally in compact granules and therefore has excellent settling properties; as a result of the large variety of biological processes that simultaneously take place in the granular biomass.

The Kingaroy facility has been in full operation since the summer of 2016. It now has a maximum output of 2.6ML a day, but should the town grow, with most of the infrastructure in place, the site would only require one additional reactor.

All of the processes for the liquid stream at the Kingaroy WWTP are now started and completed within one reactor. This equates to lower investment costs required for the operation of the site, as there are no moving parts within the bioreactor; greatly reducing the energy costs to the environment.

Pitch perfect

Not only does the updated WWTP site provide Kingaroy with increased volumes of purified water, maintaining high standards for the community and environment. During the summer, up to half of the influent is reused for recycled water reclamation to irrigate sporting grounds in the area, including sporting fields and the Kingaroy Golf Club, one of the longest running golf clubs in the region.

This provides great benefits for the regional community; reducing water loss on these green spaces from evaporation and ensuring the public can continue to enjoy keeping active, even during the dry summer months.

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The plant upgrade to a design population of 11,000 p.e. was supported by 10 million Australian dollars in funding from the Queensland State Government. Operators from other water and wastewater municipal authorities across Queensland were greatly impressed following a visit to the new state-of-the-art Kingaroy WWTP Nereda plant on a Water Industry Operators Association (WIOA) of Australia interest day and tour.

Providing a fantastic display of how Nereda technology is advancing the wastewater industry at Australia’s first Nereda Wastewater Treatment Plant, the Nereda process exceeded all expectations.Bill Collie, Queensland Urban Utilities commented: “The Kingaroy WWTP has become a showpiece within the wastewater Industry.”

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