Daan Jansen | RoyalHaskoningDHVAs a fire safety consultant I'm developing fire safety strategies and fire protection systems for buildings and industrial sites. I'm a graduated fire safety engineer (Gent) and specialised in developing safety concepts and translating this into design specifications for fire safety systems. I work in a broad field of projects such as hospitals, transport hubs and airport terminals, hangars and industrial facilities and tunnels. I'm working on new designs as well as redevelopment and extension of existing buildings.
As Associate Director of the Fire Safety & Security group within Royal HaskoningDHV we are as a team working on the full range of fire safety and security isseus. We are involved in the initial stages, during design and execution and the whole life cycle of buildings.

My professional focus concerns the development of a safe environment and the application of fire safety engineering (FSE) in order to provide tailor made solutions that fit the project and client request best. Safety is always a complex balance between the desired level of safety that's possible to achieve and the available budget. Fire Safety Engineering can be very useful to obtain the highest safety level for the budget.

I'm a listed author of fire safety design strategies (integraal plan brandveiligheid, IPB) and fire safety system design specifications (uitgangspuntendocumenten, UPD) based on the certificate of Royal HaskoningDHV obtained from CIBV.


Daan Jansen

Senior Fire Safety Consultant & Associate Director

Eindhoven, NL

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