Nereda, the sustainable wastewater treatment technology

Nereda offers sustainable wastewater treatment solutions for municipal and industrial water. The natural sewage treatment process purifies water without chemicals by using the patented aerobic granular sludge technology.

Cost effective and small footprint

This innovative sewage treatment method proves a high performance: high quality effluent for low costs requiring only a quarter of the area of conventional activated sludge installations. The treatment process reduces up to 50% on energy-costs.

Excellent settling properties

Biomass in Nereda develops as fast settling aerobic granular sludge with excellent settling properties. Nereda does not require a separate time-consuming decant phase. All the biological treatment processes take place simultaneously in the granules, requiring only one tank.

Nereda wastewater treatment, view how it works

Nereda WWTP's on 5 continents

Currently there are more than 30 sewage treatment plants in operation or under construction on 5 continents. Please click on the buttons on the map below to read more information on these plants and our customers, licensees and partners.


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Nereda in Brazil: Rio de Janeiro, Deodoro