A transformation of the hospital landscape is in full swing. It's an adventurous journey, in which the destination is the affordable, accessible, long-term provision of high-quality care. Through the transition from supply-driven care to regulated competition, hospitals are increasingly becoming like 'normal' businesses, with all the attendant operating risks. For care providers, it is increasingly becoming a balancing act between costs on the one hand and health yields on the other. This being the case, the price-performance ratio of your real estate is an important strategic instrument.
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Control over the future

Your buildings and technology facilitate your primary processes. The hospital environment goes a long way to determining how well physicians, specialists, nursing staff and other employees perform. The welfare of your patients and visitors is also dependent on healthy physiological and psychological environmental factors. Ongoing changes in the care market continually place new demands on your buildings, in terms of location, functionality and profitability. This often results in architectural and technological adaptations to your properties, and with them, the need for an active, well-considered property strategy.

Responsible interventions

With all its complex functions, a hospital is a very specific form of property. Hospitals are buildings full of advanced technologies that require a multi-disciplinary approach. Every proposed innovation or modification calls for a proper assessment of the attendant care yields, profitability and risks. Questions to be considered include whether the proposed changes lead to better care, whether the investments are viable, and whether the changes can be performed in a way that does not compromise continuity and patient safety. The trick is to make the right changes and to implement these well, which calls for in-depth knowledge and experience of property and technology at all levels.

A healing environment

A good care environment promotes fast patient recovery and optimal working conditions for one's hospital staff. This leads to better health yields, less absence through illness and consequently, a stronger competitive position. Both new buildings and functionally and/or technologically outdated properties provide you with an ideal opportunity to optimise your care environment so as to create a 'healing environment'. By investing in better building performance and better quality of occupancy, you can generate extra returns that directly benefit your primary processes.

Creating social value

A hospital, by its nature, performs a social function. This function can be strengthened by taking a responsible approach to nature, people and the environment. By making your premises more sustainable, you can gradually concretise this ambition, while at the same time benefiting from improved operations and a more positive image. There are countless technological solutions for dealing more sustainably with energy, water, lighting and climate control. Solutions, moreover, that you can link to the improvement of your care environment. For example, you can tie corporate social responsibility in with healthier business operations.

Technology partner

Pro-active management of your hospital property will increase your competitiveness in a turbulent care market. Royal HaskoningDHV can help you optimise your premises at the strategic, tactical and operational levels, in terms of both cost savings and health yields. We have broad expertise, national and international experience and an advanced set of instruments.

As an independent 'technology partner', we offer you fast insight into costs, yields and the feasibility of interventions. We also offer you innovative process-management methodologies, ranging from an effective stakeholder approach (Virtual Design & Construct) in design processes to an integrated management approach (value-driven property management), which generate major benefits for you in terms of time, cost savings, care performance and care yields.
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