Your company strategy provides the starting point in clarifying your needs. At the same time, we will systematically map your current position. By bringing these together, improvement opportunities can quicky be defined and assessed.
The collection and interpretation of data provides input to proactively recognise opportunities for improvement. Our supply chain control tower approach, linking data from multiple sources, provides your organisation with enhanced insight and more control.
Supply chain and operations quickly become too complex for basic calculation methods. Predictive simulation enables you to rapidly evaluate these systems and identify improvement opportunities. Our simulation models are used as a basis for decision making and play a significant role in optimising design and reducing cost.
To optimise your network, a detailed review of your supply chain provides information on which to base specific decision on networked facilities, capacities and inventories. This analysis is supported by network modelling which illustrates the trade-offs between operational feasibility, service levels and cost.
Identify, assess and implement improvements more quickly by using an export team with supporting predictive simulation technology to carry out in-depth analyses of complex sites and facilities.
Enjoy the benefits of a one-stop-shop. We can provide design and optimal sizing as well as capex and opex estimates for facilities. In addition, we offer a complete rang of engineering consulting services for the build or reconfiguration of a facility.
Strengthen your investment application with quantified business case documentation, as required for investment decision making. Count on us to analyse the alternatives, giving you confidence you’re making the right choice.