Smart by Design through our Experience-Tech approach

Our definition of smart is more a design approach than a technology. We start with the user experience to define human and organisational value.

To deliver this value and to make that the business case for our customers, we learned how to link and integrate organisational budgets and how to break down the traditional real estate- and business silos.

Based on the customer situation, we don’t just work with data from smart technologies but also, we combine and integrate this with workplace solutions to deliver performance and to apply continuous improvement to your work environment.

Let’s enhance society together!


Our Experience-Tech approach

Experience-Tech is about four simple questions:

1. How does your work environment contribute to your organisational goals?
2. What values should the work environment give to your employees, partners and customers?
3. How do you integrate the building data in the designing process of your work environment?
4. How do you manage performances to deliver business results?

Read more about Experience-Tech in the blog of one of our experts
Onno Willemse.


Our solutions

Our innovative approach is applied to a broad range of customer markets:

In office buildings we create healthy and inspiring work environments. 
For example, resulting in: healthy and clean indoor climate, easy booking of activity-based facilities, asset efficiency management, colleague- and way finder, energy monitoring and -management, people productivity and wellbeing.

In factories, warehouses and research facilities we create safe and productive work environments.
For example, resulting in: accident reduction, safe- and compliant work conditions, optimised logistics and reduced energy costs. You can here see what we do in the consumer goods market. 

In hospitals we create welcoming and efficient work environments.
For example, resulting in: hygienic and safe surgery rooms, way finder for guests and patients, reduction of wait-time stress and asset tracking of mobile hospital equipment.


Experience-Tech focuses on three values defined as Climate, Human and Resilience, which increase the overall value of your work environment. Our personas Globy, Penelopy and Rezy will take you through each value and translate them into measurable KPIs.


Hi I am Globy..

"My value is Climate. Together with our experts we guide you to achieve a circular and energy neutral real estate portfolio, ahead of plan, at lower cost and with higher asset value. Together with you we create sustainable and valuable work environments in the most effective way, such as we did for ABN AMRO"


Hello there, I am Penelopy..

"My value is Human. Together with our experts we create human desired work environments that attract talent, stimulate healthy behavior, and make people feel safe, productive and engaged. Together with you we create a work environment of which your employees can be proud of! Our new healthy and sustainable Amsterdam office increased the engagement of our employees!"
Download the story behind our Amsterdam office (Dutch only).


Hi I am Rezy..

"My value is Resilience. Together with our experts we help to design and redesign your work environments, which will help you to increase the overall agility of your organisation and foster creativity among employees. Together with you we co-create the work environment for the future, such as we are currently doing for!"


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Let’s explore together how we can create your Smart and Healthy Work Environment!

Onno Willemse
Global Business director Smart Buildings

Martine Verhoeven
Manager Business Development