• Canal del Dique - Roelof Moll
  • New Orleans - Tim Burgess
  • Bhola Island, Bangladesh - Jan Bron

Are you the best of the best?

Are you a senior independent professional consultant with 10+ years’ international experience?

Are you keen to work with us on a fast growing portfolio of international work?

Does your experience include working with Development Banks and the Private Sector?

Would you like to contribute to international projects in:

  • water’s edge development including land reclamation and dredging
  • water resources and catchment management
  • flood risk and erosion risk management
  • institutional capacity building and stakeholder dialogue
  • disaster risk management and resilience

If you want to expand your experience even wider and help us to provide innovative and sustainable land and water solutions, then please contact us and send us your CV – we would be delighted to hear from you.

Please contact:

Lance Dawkins 
Peterborough, UK
+44 1733 37 3511 
[email protected]