As the market becomes increasingly competitive and buildings ever more complex, it is absolutely vital that companies are well organised. Which means 'doing the right things' and 'doing the right things well'. This applies to everything which holds value to your organisation, not in the least your real estate. Buildings and utilities significantly contribute to your organisation's core processes. In time, however, they may also inhibit your ambitions and pose risks. Tailored asset management adds value to your primary process. It also improves your ability to amend your property and rental contracts to respond to changes in your accommodation needs in a timely manner.

Value and added value

Buildings and utilities have a limited lifespan, during which their functional and technical value to your organisation fluctuates. Asset management is designed to help your organisation obtain maximum long term value from its assets. This requires more than just technical maintenance. The value of your property is also determined by the degree to which it reflects the current and future state of your organisation in terms of predictable performance. Performance in matters of availability, functionality, safety, sustainability, and adaptability in terms of flexibility, elasticity, and legal flexibility. This, in turn, requires careful balancing of performance improvement, risk management and cost optimisation.
Our advanced asset management processes offer you dramatic cost and performance benefits. We can analyze all facets of your single asset or your portfolio of assets. We know the issues that can affect built asset performance and how they interconnect. We measure solutions in terms of financial strength, capacity and reliability. We enhances environmental performance and improve efficiencies. Our experts recommend the right solution for asset optimization, based on what you has in place and wants to achieve.

Costs and opportunities - the 'line of sight'

What is it that causes problems in Real Estate Management? Most organisations have several levels between strategy making and strategy executing. Generally, each level has its own jargon, modus operandi, budget and information. Every day, decisions are made at each level - decisions which affect the value of the entire organisation's property. It is fair to say that the quality and timing of these departmental decisions often leave a lot to be desired. The result? Wasted expenditure and missed opportunities - we want you to avoid.

Integral approach

What to do with your real estate property? Renovate it, refurbish it, convert it, rezone it, rent it out or demolish it? Maintain existing utilities or invest in new, low energy technologies instead? Decisions like these affect your entire organisation in terms of costs, risks and comfort. Ideally, such decisions are related to the short and long term objectives of the organisation as a whole. In order to homogenise the decision making process, organisations must ensure that they possess the right information, the right expertise and the right people. This requires an all-inclusive approach in which all the individual management activities of all the separate departments are subordinated to the interests of the organisation as a whole.

International standard

ISO 55000 is the internationally recognized asset management framework. Royal HaskoningDHV was the first engineering and consulting firm around the globe to be certified to this standard, which combines all our specialisms in the fields of strategy, management, engineering, property economics and property operations. If you own or manage a property, we can help you optimise your strategic, tactical and operational management tasks, using an easy-to-understand and effective process: the Seven Elements of Professional Asset Management.

Proactive guidance

By relying on professionals for your property management, you will immediately start saving money. You will soon find that a 10 percent reduction in maintenance costs and energy consumption is feasible. But there's more.

Together we identify opportunities for change. We find ways to reduce asset life cycle costs and extend asset life. We can help you prioritize your investments to make sure you earn your allowed rate of return. We’ll identify your business process improvements and enhance operations by information management. We deliver levels of service that effectively balance cost and risk. In the process, you optimize your capital and operational expenditures.

You will learn to stop managing reactively and start guiding proactively instead, allowing you to adapt more quickly and successfully to the possible effect on your property of changes in your organisation, the market, society or at government level. You will enhance your adaptive capacity, thus making your business more competitive.

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