Successful infrastructure projects rely on effective logistic chains. Being able to link production sites with receiving sites or consumers is vital for any business.

At Royal HaskoningDHV we have a wealth of experience in designing sustainable and effective logistic chain solutions for a wide range of projects, markets and clients.

Our in-house, multidisciplinary teams are formed to meet the specific needs of our clients and their individual projects. This ensures all the various modes of transport involved (rail, road, inland waterway transport, pipelines) are fully integrated, guaranteeing robust logistic chains.

Our expertise includes:

  • Industrial plant design
  • Rail and road design
  • Inland waterway transport development
  • Port design
  • Shipping assessment
  • Economic and financial assessment
  • Market evaluation
  • Discrete modelling of the full logistic chain
  • Environmental and social impact assessment

We have worked on logistic chain developments for both the public and private sectors in areas including:

  • Construction and expansion of ports and associated infrastructure
  • Import and export chains
  • Industrial and economic centres
  • Mining operations

Our certified and skilled project managers and experts work closely with clients and key stakeholders to develop sustainable and effective plans. Our approach carefully balances business profitability with sustainable economic development, and we help our clients keep a keen eye on preservation or even improvement of the social and environmental context.

Our expert-led logistic chain development leads to greater cost-effectiveness, functionality, practicality and sustainability for our clients’ projects.