Our Investment Services team offers a full range of services through all phases of the project life cycle. We deliver our financial services on a stand-alone basis or bundled with consultancy, project management and engineering services so that our clients always get the very best approach tailored to their requirements.

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Origination Phase

We assist our clients in selecting opportunities worth pursuing and we solicit support among financial and non financial stakeholders. In this phase we lay the foundation for future success including investor support. We provide a wide range of feasibility advisory services, covering both financial and socioeconomic aspects.

Transaction Phase

Our Transaction Advisory Services are directed towards public sector authorities, contractors, Special Purpose Companies and investors. Our goal is to bring our clients’ projects to a successful Financial Close. Additionally we deliver Legal Advisory, Governance Advisory, Technical Due Diligence, Project Management and Cost/Risk Management Services.

Operational Phase

Value for Money and project success materialise in the operational phase. We provide professional Financial Contract Management Services in combination with asset related services to keep public sector authorities, contractors and investors fully satisfied. We also assist our clients in creating exit plans including the execution of refinancing and disinvestment options.

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