The complexity and range of Project’s environmental and social performance, coupled with the increasing pressures of legislation, customers’ and investors’ expectations as well as greater public awareness means a systematic and fact-based approach is required to ensure the sustainability of the organisation or Project’s development.

Ranging from Physiography and Environmental Chemistry, Land and Spatial, Biology, Social and Occupational and Community Health, Safety and Security components; whatever the challenges we have the expertise to manage them.

Integrating our environmental and social expertise with engineering/technology and economy/financial knowledge, our multidisciplinary teams offer sustainable solutions for our selected markets. This through all stages of the Project’s life cycle.

In short, our advisory strategically enhance an organisation’s or Project’s performance for the environment, its workers and its neighbouring communities; while optimising the suitable technology and benefits for business financial.

Our services range from Safeguards and Baseline, Sustainability and Life Cycle, Social and Stakeholders, Contamination and Cleanup; Health and Safety; and Urban and Rural Physiography service groups.

  • Safeguards & Baseline
    o Impact Assessment
    o Lender’s Transaction Advisory
    o Management Planning
    o Baseline Study
    o Monitoring & Evaluation
    o Environmental & Social Insights
  • Sustainability & Life Cycle
    o Sustainability Framework
    o Carbon Accounting (Carbon Footprint/GHGs Inventory)
    o Water Footprint
    o Life Cycle Assessment
    o Industrial Ecology (Waste Audit, Take Back Chemicals, Sustainable Plastics, Sustainable Electricals)
    o Supply Chain Management
  • Social & Stakeholders
    o Stakeholders Management
    o Land Acquisition, Resettlement & Livelihood Restoration
    o Indigenous Peoples & Traditional Livelihood
    o Ecosystem Services
    o Cultural Heritage & Archaeology
    o Social Conflict Resolution
    o Gender Mainstreaming & Social Inclusion
    o Social Program Monitoring & Evaluation
  • Contamination & Cleanup
    o Site Investigation
    o Ecological Risk Assessment
    o Oil Spills Prevention & Preparedness
    o Contaminant Distribution Modeling
    o Remediation
    o Industrial Cleaning (Asbestos Removal, Hydro Blasting, Lead Removal & Abatement, Mercury Spill Cleanup, Mold Removal & Remediation, Industiral Vacuuming)
    o Landfill Management
  • Health & Safety
    o Occupational Health & Safety Audit
    o Human Health Risk Assessment
    o Process Safety Management (Process Hazard Analysis Study, Safety Integrity Level Determination)
    o Industrial Hygiene
    o Incident/Accident Investigation
  • Urban & Rural Physiography
    o Geographic Information Analysis
    o Ecological Footprint & Bio-Capacity
    o Environmental Sensitivity Index
    o Natural Hazards Risk Assessment
    o Natural Resources Valuation
    o Spatial Planning Policy Analysis