When buying and selling real estate, it is important to have a clear overview of the (environmental) technical and thus financial risks involved with the buildings. Royal HaskoningDHV can help you in this process by performing a TEDD. On a lump-sum basis, we ensure that all critical information about the buildings come to light by analysing documents and carrying out building acceptance. With an insight into the financial consequences (both opex and capex) and possible solutions for remedying defects, whether you are the buying, selling or merging party, you are in the best position to reach an agreement.

Inventories and analysis of available data

An important element of the TEDD is collecting, reviewing and combining the information available in the "data room". During these analyses, all the risks are named that may affect the purchase or sales agreement, for example, a missing environmental permit for a recent adaptation or diverging cooling capacity compared to that which is stated on the lease. On behalf of the purchaser, Royal HaskoningDHV can also take on a role here by asking the critical questions and detailing the answers, complete with assessment, in a Q&A report.

Building acceptance for all various disciplines in relation to legislation and standards

Royal HaskoningDHV monitors and advises on the technical quality of structural and installation engineering elements during building acceptance. We also inspect the capacities of the (mechanical and electrical) installations in relation to the building surface and user functions, as well as the structural designs and applied load capacities. Issues such as the site layout, possible soil contamination, fire safety and the presence of asbestos are also included in the building acceptance process. For all disciplines, we carry out a check and give advice in line with the current legislation, standards and NEN standards.

Reporting that will take you further

As a buyer or seller, not all information is relevant to you. That’s why Royal HaskoningDHV presents a clear overview of all the identified critical issues, including an estimate of the costs associated with remedying existing deficiencies. This includes an overview of the operational expenditures (opex) and capital expenditure (capex) that will occur over the next 10 years and comprise more than € 10,000 per item. If desired, we can also prepare an operating estimate for the buildings.

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