A balanced security concept is important for the security of your sites, buildings and systems. The security concept consists of a combination ofstructural, electrotechnical and organisational measures.

Integral SecurityTriangle (IST)

We live, work and recreate in ever-changing ways, resulting in new threats. For example, because of flexible working hours, there is an increase in sensitive company information in unsecured homes, anddrones (unintentionally) record weak spots in the security. The increase in sensors in homes calls for clear privacy guidelines. Incidents and an increasing risk awareness also increase the need for security measures.

Royal HaskoningDHV uses the comprehensive security model to properly respond to changes in society and new threats. The successful implementation of this model leads to a sustainable and effective securityconcept. We examine current and future risks here. Thanks to the comprehensive approach, we are shifting from incident-driven security to proactive and sustainable security. In this way, you are optimally securedand prepared for future developments and changes in the threat level.

Selection of Security Systems

During the design stage of buildings and sites, we have the necessary organisational, technical and constructional expertise to establish acomprehensive package of measures. This generates cost savings in the longer term since measures are geared towards one another and thereforeensure a future-proof building, site and organisation.

We take account here of the latest trends in the areas of CCTV monitoring, access control, intruder detection mechanisms, intercom use, security management systems, security plans, resistance, outside walls, fencing, safes and locks. The latest laws and regulations are taken into account when these measures are implemented. From the perimeter (site and building), we zoom in on the spatial level and, finally, the technical details.

Future-proof Security and QuickScan

By applying the comprehensive security model, we will know if themeasures taken still conform to the revised policy rules or threat level. Moreover, maintenance and management are vitally important for the long-term dependability of your systems. For example, to ensure a smooth interaction between the organisation and the technology, checks must be carried out continually to see if the technology still works, things are still in their proper place and the control room still functions in the right way.

To answer the above questions, we carry out a comprehensive QuickScanof the current security level of the organisation, building and site, wherebywe not only examine the weak spots in the security, but also act as a sounding-board and offer innovative ideas and concepts.

Our international consultants have extensive organisational, electrotechnical and (mechanical) constructional expertise and provide input not only at a strategic level, but also at the component level and the smallest details. Our advisers are registered with Security Expert RegisterNetherlands (SERN).