Our advanced On-site Service Teams can provide substantial cost and performance benefits for our clients. Due to our daily presence at your site and, familiarity with your location and buildings and our awareness of your tenants, we are able to deal with legal and end user satisfying aspects of the tenancy and property. In this way we can provide tailor made asset optimization.

Focus on small and medium sized on-site project execution

When the need for a capital or operational cost project is identified, we can assist with:
  • Project scope development
  • Vendor screening and selection
  • Tender package development
  • Bid analysis
  • Design approval
  • Project management and performance monitoring
  • Contract administration
  • Move planning, purchasing and monitoring

Focus on maintenance

The On-site Service team should enable the direction, implementation and control of its asset related activities, including those that have been outsourced. This means we:
  • Plan, implement and control the processes needed to meet the asset management objectives and to implement the asset management plan
  • Ensure that changes having an impact on achieving the asset management objectives as well as associated risks are assessed and managed
  • Ensure sufficient control over both in-house and outsourced activities and that performance of these activities is monitored
  • Optimization overall regarding your asset and maintenance policy, demands specified by your primary process, utilization, income, costs and risk due to vacancy of Real Estate and occasional customer needs regarding your and their primary processes
  • Ensure safety and security
  • While we are well informed about suppliers of best-in-class technologies, we are vendor-independent

Finance and accounting

As On-site service manager, we fulfill the accounting and financial reporting functions related to our services and your assets and tenants. This includes:
  • Preparation and monitoring of capital and operational budgets
  • Monthly, quarterly and annual reporting

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