Our market researchers, concept developers and financial experts work on concrete answers and solutions in every phase of a project: from the initial idea and initiative for a daring design through to the technical realisation of a successful project with broad support.

With our surveys and advice, our consultants answer the question whether a spatial investment is feasible from a market-technical standpoint, whether it is socially responsible and whether it will also be economically profitable. Royal HaskoningDHV advises from four angles of approach in this context:
  1. The market-technical angle focuses on the alignment of demand and supply: what development possibilities are there in markets and what opportunities does that offer for investments?
  2. The spatial-economic angle focuses on the positioning and phasing of economic developments and on the programme of requirements of the envisioned target groups.
  3. The financial-economic angle focuses on questions about the economic impact of investments (money, employment, social costs and benefits) and on the question of whether investments are financially feasible.
  4. The financial-organisational angle focuses on, among other things, the collaboration between public and private partners in projects, on the possibilities of subsidies and financing from third parties and on the (financial) organisation of a project.

In our approach we bring together our knowledge of markets, the economy and operations with spatial planning, urban planning and strategic insight into administrative and legal considerations. By embedding our consultants in a multi-disciplinary organisation, we can respond to broad terms of reference from our public and private sector clients.