Our track record and reputation for marine industry studies is second to none.

The objective of such studies is to develop a close understanding of the industry in question, to assess its competitiveness, to propose how its future prospects may be enhanced and to assist with policy formulation. Clients are usually government departments, industry trade associations or multi-national authorities such as the European Commission. The studies investigate sectors within individual countries or wider geographical regions and are customised to meet specific needs.

Such studies typically include:

  • Industry structure and statistics
  • Use of technology
  • Competitive performance
  • Market forecast
  • Future prospects
  • How to improve performance
  • Conclusions and action plan

At a company level we carry out a variety of capacity, capability and competitiveness studies. Capacity and capability studies are tailored to answer specific questions for individual clients. The usual objective of competitiveness studies is to assess the company's competitive performance and to propose actions that will help secure its future.

Our continuing involvement with studies of this kind provides us with unique and up-to-date insights into the marine industries world-wide and builds our knowledge database. This puts us in a unique position to apply innovative methods to study a broad range of industry-related topics in a particularly cost effective way.

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