Safety is a critical factor for the reputation and sustainable development of companies. The storage, production, treatment, processing and transportation of hazardous substances present risks to the environment. Companies are expected to minimise and manage these risks. At the same time, productivity and profitability play the same important role. This is a challenge companies face every day.

Royal HaskoningDHV has many years of experience in supporting and assisting companies in the effective implementation of compliance policies under the applicable laws and regulations, such as the Decree on Major Accidents Hazards 2015 (Brzo/Seveso), the Decree on External Safety of Establishments (Bevi) and the Environment and Planning Act. Due to our unique combination of knowledge and experience in licensing and (technical) knowledge and experience with industrial processes, we can provide you with the best services.

Our experts and consultants can support your business with setting up and implementing a Safety Management System (SMS), conducting quantitative risk analyses (QRA), an Environmental Risk Analysis (ERA) and drafting a Safety Report (SR) including an inventory and elaboration of installation scenarios, fire service scenarios and disaster scenarios. A complete overview of our services and products can be found below.

Our products and services:

  • Safety Report (SR) in accordance with the PGS (Publication Series Hazardous Substances) 6 Directive
  • Notification in accordance with the Decree on Major Accidents Hazards 2015
  • Comprehensive support in compliance with the Decree on Major Accidents Hazards 2015
  • Quantitative Risk Analysis (QRA) including Safeti-NL (meaning Safeti), Carola, Phast, RBMII.
  • Environmental Risk Analyses (ERA) based on Proteus II + III
  • Risk Inventory & Evaluation (RI&E) of non-residential buildings
  • Fire Safety Advice
  • Company Fire Department Report (CFDR)
  • Comprehensive (Fire) Safety Plan
  • Company Emergency Plan
  • Company Emergency Response plans, Company Emergency Response Organisation
  • Comprehensive advice on PGS compliance (a.o. PGS 6, PGS 12, PGS 15, PGS 19, PGS 29, PGS 31)
  • Front-End Engineering & Design (FEED)
  • Explosion Safety Studies (ATEX Studies)
  • Second opinion
  • Training/courses
  • Major Accident Prevention Plan (MAPP)