Safety is a critical factor for the reputation and sustainable economic development of companies. Every day, people, companies and the environment are exposed to safety risks, and companies are expected to control these risks. At the same time, productivity and profitability play the same important role. Companies are facing this challenge every day.

If an incident occurs, this will disrupt operational processes. In addition, an incident can have major consequences for employees, residents, the environment and for the business continuity. Insights into the cause of an incident or near misses provide the opportunity to learn and improve processes to ensure that the incident cannot happen again. The way an incident is handled is paramount in this context, for instance communication with authorities and the aftercare of employees.

Royal HaskoningDHV offers various services to support you in incident management. Our experts have years of experience in investigating incidents in various sectors, including in the oil and gas, chemical, food and pharmaceutical industries, housing and in construction. Royal HaskoningDHV also provides training in incident investigation and guides and coaches organisations in managing (major) incidents and their handling.

Our services include:

  • (Independent) incident investigation and analysis using tools such as TRIPOD-Beta, TRACK, 5-why and STAMP
  • Legal counselling on the handling of the incident
  • Training and coaching
  • Second opinions
  • Setting up incident management systems
  • Project management
  • Partner of CGE IncidentXP software

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