Sponsors and developers of large-scale, complex projects face environmental and social (E&S) challenges through all stages of the project life cycle. From the feasibility phase to the construction and operation phase, issues such as regulatory compliance, acquiring the social licence to operate and meeting local content and lender requirements are all critical to the success of the project.

At Royal HaskoningDHV, partnership is central to all our projects and solutions. With more than 35 years’ experience and a strong track record of providing environmental and social (E&S) consultancy services to various sectors, our global network of offices and experts, around the world, are well positioned to support you wherever you are.

By integrating our practical experience of impact assessment processes, environmental and social performance best practice (e.g. IFC), with a detailed contextual knowledge of the activities being assessed, we ensure the solutions delivered are tailored to fit your needs.

Mitigating Risks & Enhancing Benefits

That means that the solutions we provide are not just the most economically viable, but that they comply with national legislation and international standards. This helps to minimise the environmental and social impact of projects while optimising the benefits for business and society.

We appreciate that everyone involved in projects has a unique set of challenges and must engage with a range of stakeholders to meet both expectations and requirements.

Our services

From private organisations, governments and communities to civil society organisations, financiers and insurers, trust Royal HaskoningDHV to understand and deliver the expertise you need, where you need it across:

  • Environmental and Social Impact Assessments (ESIA);
  • Stakeholder engagement, including grievance mechanisms and information dissemination strategy;
  • Drafting of E&S Requirements for Contractors;
  • Development of specific E&S Management and Monitoring Plans (e.g. Resettlement and Livelihood Restauration, Occupational Health and Safety, Traffic, Waste, Biodiversity, Emergency Preparedness and Response, etc.) and Implementation Support;
  • Setting up of a full-fledged E&S Management System;
  • Cumulative Impact Assessment;
  • Strategic Impact Assessment and Master planning;
  • Independent Reviews of the above;
  • Training and Awareness.