Investments in buildings and installations are regularly made within industrial companies. Large investments are often executed as a project, also known as CAPEX projects. These projects offer the opportunity to realize a major improvement in safety and environment (HSE). To benefit the most from this opportunity, environmental and safety aspects have to play a role in all project steps.

The project steps

CAPEX projects are often performed in a project structure that is subdivided into different project phases. These project phases provide individual documentation and products, also known as the deliverables. In order to properly regulate the environmental and safety issues in the execution of a project, deliverables must also be established for environment and safety. These may be legal obligations, but also improvements that lead to better environmental and safety performance for the company itself.

For each project phase, studies, reviews or risk analyses can be carried out in the field of safety and the environment. The results of these activities can be included directly in the project. With this method, it can be achieved that a project meets all safety and environmental requirements upon delivery. This will prevent extra work, unexpected costs and/or complaints in the project. Most importantly this method provides a safe and environmentally friendly as possible installation or building within the framework of the project.

What does Royal HaskoningDHV offer?

We can support in the implementation of your CAPEX projects in the following ways:

  • delivering a project HSE team
  • drawing up a project approach
  • determining the (legal) project requirements
  • facilitating and conducting studies and risk analyses
  • providing an HSE construction team.

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