For applications within companies, groundwater can serve as a source and not just as a backup or as a supplement to drinking water. Depending on the desired quality, the use of groundwater in production often requires a number of essential purification steps.

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Source Water Vulnerability Assessment

When using groundwater, finding the right amount and quality is very important. Royal HaskoningDHV has developed the Source Water Vulnerability Assessment (SVA.)

The SVA aims to identify and assess potential risks that may jeopardise sufficient water availability of a desired quality for industrial facilities or real estate developments. Royal HaskoningDHV looks at the risks from a wide-range of angles such as physical, environmental, social, political, economic, regulatory and the consumers’ perception.

The outcome of an SVA is a Source Water Protection Plan that safeguards water sources for the short, medium and long term. The availability of sufficient and qualitatively good water sources cannot be taken for granted. Our SVA indicates the safety of the current water resources and the use can be secured for the future. This is particularly important for new industrial and residential developments. The SVA is an effective tool for realising a sustainable water household.

Soil and groundwater pollution

Contaminated sites can not only pose a significant risk for public health or the environment, but can also contribute to financial and imaging risks for the company that owns these areas.

Royal HaskoningDHV has extensive knowledge and experience in the field of research, management and mitigating of risks at all stages of location management. As one of the first consultants, we were actively involved in soil and groundwater treatment in the Netherlands and abroad.

Creativity and innovation are our driving force in relation to these projects. Our specialists have contributed to the successful solution of soil and groundwater problems in the Netherlands, Europe and the rest of the world.

The knowledge and experience we accumulate is shared worldwide with all of Royal HaskoningDHV's local offices. Thanks to our depth of experience, we are able to offer our customers tailor made solutions driven by creativity and innovations, which are both pragmatic and cost effective.

Leaflet Source Water Vulnerability Assessment

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