In the past 35 years, 86 per cent of the total economic damage of natural disasters has been caused by storms and floods. The economic damage of floods has grown exponentially in the past decades. The effects of climate change will increase the damages during the following decades too. Therefore, the industry acknowledges the need for better insight in the present flood risks worldwide.

Royal HaskoningDHV is often asked to assist private customers, including multi nationals, at recovery after floods. We also proactively assist customers to increase the resilience of their business with regard to floods.

Changing mind-set is essential!

Preventive measures, such as a dyke around a site, a drainage system, flood protection plans and flood insurance for individual sites are the traditional ingredients to increase flood resilience. However, our experience of recent global assessments for multinationals shows that this approach is not comprehensive enough.

A change in mind-set is essential. Not just looking at individual sites, but looking all assets and their location within the global production chain (raw materials, people, and products). Thus, business continuity can be safeguarded and the impact on the business is minimised.

Thorough analysis of flood risks

Nowadays, several industries choose a proactive approach to make their operations more resilient regarding floods. These companies want a thorough analysis of the risks of floods for their assets worldwide. The results of these studies are at the base of smart, effective investments in awareness for protection and emergency planning during floods.

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