As the owner of a building, or as a developer, you are more and more responsible for the fire safety of your property. It is therefore important that the systems work, that you can show that they work and that system failures are prevented.

During inspections, Royal HaskoningDHV’s fire safety consultants assess the quality of your fire protection systems. Inspections can also be carried out during construction and upon (unofficial) completion. We determine the extent of an inspection in consultation with the client, such as a quickscan, a sample inspection (30%) or a full inspection (100%).

Comprehensive Fire Safety Inspection

Comprehensive inspections are often carried out to form a completepicture of the quality of the fire safety measures. This concernsStructural, MEP (mechanical, electrical and plumbing) and Organisational measures.

The following aspects are covered:

Escape Routes

  • Structural: fire partitions, structure, materials


  • Fire detection and evacuation alarm systems
  • Automatic fire-extinguishing system
  • Smoke control systems
  • Other fire protection systems, such as emergency lighting
  • Fire extinguishing water facility and marshalling area fire brigade

Organisation (use, evacuation plan, responsibilities)

Risk-based Inspection

We prefer to carry out risk-based inspections so that we can pay maximumattention to the main objective, namely the safety of people. With limited investment, we have, together with our clients, used our knowledge and experience to develop a risk-based inspection in order to obtain a reliable picture of the building. This inspection method is set out in an instructionwhich specifies the object and manner of our inspection. Our inspection covers approximately 30% of the entire building, which allows for a good spread.

Basis of an Inspection

The requirements which must be satisfied form the starting point of an inspection. The quality of a fire partition or the type of system is then important. This is easy for new buildings since the requirements follow from the building permit. For existing buildings we take the "current (minimum) quality level” as a starting point. This level of requirements follows from past permits. Because these are often not available, or because these permits were not adhered to in the past, we inspect the quality of the building and the systems at the same time. We thereby determine the basis, which we set out in writing so that you will be able to demonstrate your compliance with the regulations in the future.

Targeted Inspection of Defects

We specifically carry out inspections of, for example, a fire partition or a type of system (fire detection system, sprinkler system, etc.) if there aregood reasons to question their quality. In case of systems, we assesseverything that is relevant to the system's reliability. In case of constructional elements, we usually assess the quality of the materialsused, connections and lead-throughs.

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